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January 21, 2006

From the Teachings of the King of Spiritual Masters

If every moment is well lived, then the next moment will take care of itself.

To be able to enjoy the moment to its fullest is to enjoy the entirety of creation.

There is no past, there is no future, there is only now. Eternity can only be expressed or experienced in the now-ness of life.

When you live in the moment and not the past or the future, you live in that one moment, the whole of eternity. When you live in the whole of eternity, the totality of eternity is the moment.

Every moment is beautiful in itself. A moment becomes ugly only by association. You either associate with the past or you project yourself into the future and take that moment out of its context. You either magnify it or make it much smaller than it is. So the moment is lost and then the next moment begins, and the same thing happens all over again, all the time.

We are interested in Now, not what happened millions of years ago at the primal explosion, or what is going to happen at the dissolution of the entire universe, which might be billions and billions of years in the future. We are interested in today, and what we can do in the present to make our own lives happy and those around us happy.

Why waste time on abstract philosophy? Why waste time on the idea of, “After I’ve opened up all my chakras, then what?” Open them up first. We cross bridges when we come to them. What is the purpose of all this creation? We come from the black hole and re-enter the black hole. Let’s wait until we re-enter the black hole; it might not even be black anymore by the time we get there, who knows?

These black holes and white holes will always go on and on. It is the nature of the universe ever to remain in flux. But we who have come from that black hole will enter a black hole again; but not the same black hole. Then, philosophically speaking: Where are you traveling to? Where have you come from? Where goest thou? Nowhere. You progress from here to here.

The only thing that is non-fiction is the here and now of life, and all joy of life depends on the discovery of the here and now.

Thank God that you cannot remember your past lives. If you are not even willing to forgive and forget what Uncle Bob said three months ago, what would you do if you could remember what happened one or two lifetimes ago? Your mind would be driven mad.

You have many groups that talk of the hereafter. Why are the here and the after mixed up together? Let the after be after. While we are here, for this short span of life, let this “here” be really lovely, like a flower giving off its fragrance and yet asking no return.

Why should I remember what Doris said to me yesterday? It is because I am accustomed to two things: pain and pleasure. That very habit of being accustomed to the feelings of pain and pleasure is water in the sponge of the mind. Then we complain of being miserable! That water that is in the sponge of the mind can never remain fresh. It stagnates itself, and misery is nothing else than a great big stink.

God’s greatest gift to mankind is the ability to forget.

Negatives follow in the footsteps of memories: fear, inadequacy, insecurity.

There is no eternity in time. That is why we say eternity is timeless. And this very split second is a timelessness where you find the oneness with Divinity. That very split second gives you the realization that I and my Father are One. And that very realization in the split second is eternal: that’s eternity, that’s realization, that’s illumination, that’s awakening.

There is an existence, inseparable from that which you regard to be the Father. This can be practiced every moment of the day, in dreaming, waking, and sleeping.

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January 18, 2006

Identity & Privacy in Internet

A New Form of Global Identity

John Perry Barlow, in his famous declaration of independence of Cyberspace, spoke to us about a new territory within the Internet that would overcome physical borders and that would belong to the people, but as the article Sovereignty in Cyberspace published recently by Christopher Shea, points: the internet world that Barlow prophesied is under threat.

The only way that we can overcome governments is with technology. Technology that is being created today by many SMBs like Amteus recently floated in the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. Supporters of this technology are building a web to support the company that was recently the target of anonymous attacks.

The giants are providing technology to the governments so that censored internet is happening and borders within the internet a practical reality today.

A new and global concept for identity and Identity Based Encryption that breaks completely the actual approach will be the basis of a border breaking internet. This is what Amteus believes, but is also a must in the vision of Ray Ozzie's with his shared world of information and calendars...  will Microsoft giant provide the people with a solution through Ray Ozzie...?

I doubt it. I have more confidence in what may come in a near future from some of these new companies that are proposing a new way to communicate.

The Conceptual Problem of Identity

Identity is a Human Right, probably the first human right, the right to identity. But in the internet we mostly work without identity, and precisely, not being the identity in the hands of governments it allows a somehow borderless environment. But... the lack of identity leads to lack of security and information flowing freely, whilst your identity is left in myriads of places, particularly if you do some sort of business in the internet, from owning a domain to buying a book or checking your account. This leads to a situation in which your identity is scattered all over the place. The details to your identity are easily accessible.

The Traffic Patrol Police asks you your driver’s number.... you answer your number... 334583
Traffic patrol then asks your password... you answer.... wRtthffyu
Then traffic control policeman asks you randomly information is showing on his screen about your personal data: the one he has pulled once you gave your Driver Number... He sees your password, checks it’s correct… Continues with zip code, S.S. number, etc... Information that you may or not remember. May be you changed homes for example... Too long, too tedious, too unsecured, too resource demanding.

More over if it is at passport control, and your identity is a passport number and a similar procedure... Would Homeland Security consider this as a valid way to guarantee identity of the the person that want to enter the USA?... may be with criminal intents...?

Something so much out of the mind of any government, to provide identity through the knowledge of information, has been adopted as common practice in the internet, so then identity theft starts...

Personal Information of the user is stored in a variety of web sites, including but not only credit card numbers, shipping and billing address, social security numbers, passwords (and we all tend to use the same passwords), etc… creating a big liability and risk for both user, web site and obviously financial entities that issued the credit cards and other financial instruments


“Because information is identity when identity is virtual, identity theft is based on stealing or accessing to information… both easy to achieve these days”

The only way to protect your identity is if you carry it with you, like a Drivers License or a credit card. They have to rob it to you using violent or devious means and we tend to be alert so that it does not happen, but how can we be alert if someone is stealing our virtual identity?

And the only way that identity is not scattered around is if identity is read from your identity device and passed to the other party that wants to identify you, but it is not kept or stored by the other party. Like your drivers license... you show it and you keep it back in your pocket. Recently UK Government ICO came to propose the UK ID as a digital certificate in an ipod. Steve Jobs must be very happy about what he is listening to.

And then if you use identity within an encryption scheme that we all share but that is particular to the session of those two parties and never kept, then privacy, security and cross border free communications between identified and authenticated users becomes a reality. Like that digital certificate but in a dongle that you carry with your keys. The key to secure and private communications between identified users. A dongle that like a key can be activated easily, like you can easily get a copy to your key, but that it is you that carry it and needs your personal intervention to get a copy done. But within a simple and accesible to all technology.

The solution:

The Identity Dongle, a cheap USB memory stick with a crypto processor that is blank, and acquires identity when an identity provider activates it.

There is a presentation of this concept in my web to share this information under the GNU Lesser GPL License. By clicking on this link you accept viewing it under such agreement.

A Tree of Identified Domains using a Universal Identity Dongle which is something as easy to manufacture as is a key today, and that gets activated by an accepted Identifying Entity, which will hold your identity submitting itself to International Rules... may be even with UN intervention like with DNS. Each realm, of identified users, can share their level of trust with other realms, but this has to be yet spoken about and decided. The end result: we carry our identity, we allow our trusted digital identity provider to activate our key, but we carry the key, and the data stays in the key, we just share the data and use it to encrypt our personal comms sesions, be it with an email, IM, VoIP or browsing blogs and webs.

The right to have a secure conversation once you have identified yourself

The right to preserve the privacy of your identity and financial systems online.

The solution, a dongle.

The software, a p2p solution with Email and secure web browsing

Please post your articles about this initiative in my blog that I have opened for that respect in Gururaj Raman Ananda and share with me your opinions.

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