July 21, 2007

Bhakti Yoga

The Yoga of Devotion

Devotion is rarely to an idea of a scientific nature.... i.e. A Perfect Master or Being which is preconceived or predefined... It is an emotion, like a teenager in love of her beloved. For him It is the representation of perfection.

In the case of the teenager it might be just infatuation to begin with, although it can grow to a great love. In a similar way, devotion, when a spiritual practice, when a Yoga, is an emotion. An intense emotion.

The devotee develops this intense emotion that creates in him the longing for the beloved. The representation of God for the devotee is inconsequential. He might be devoted to Virgin Mary, or Jesus, or Kali or Allah or Budha or his Guru. What is consequential is this intense longing for the beloved.

I live yet do not live in me,Gururaj Ananda at El Escorial, Spain
am waiting as my life goes by,
and die because I do not die.

No longer do I live in me,
and without God I cannot live;
to him or me I cannot give
my self, so what can living be?
A thousand deaths my agony
waiting as my life goes by,
dying because I do not die.

This life I live alone I view
as robbery of life, and so
it is a constant death -- with no
way out until I live with you.
God, hear me, what I say is true:
I do not want this life of mine,
and die because I do not die.

Being so removed from you I say
what kind of life can I have here
but death so ugly and severe
and worse than any form of pain?
I pity me -- and yet my fate
is that I must keep up this lie,
and die because I do not die.

Early morning on Ganges The fish taken out of the sea
is not without a consolation:
his dying is of brief duration
and ultimately brings relief.
Yet what convulsive death can be
as bad as my pathetic life?
The more I live the more I die.

When I begin to feel relief
on seeing you in the sacrament,
I sink in deeper discontent,
deprived of your sweet company.
Now everything compels my grief:
I want -- yet can't -- see you nearby,
and die because I do not die.

Although I find my pleasure, Sir,
in hope of someday seeing you,
I see that I can lose you too,
which makes my pain doubly severe,
and so I live in darkest fear,
and hope, wait as life goes by,
dying because I do not die.

Deliver me from death, my God,
and give me life; now you have wound
a rope about me; harshly bound
I ask you to release the cord.
See how I die to see you, Lord,
and I am shattered where I lie,
dying because I do not die.

My death will trigger tears in me,
and I shall mourn my life: a day
annihilated by the way
I fail and sin relentlessly.
O Father God, when will it be
that I can say without a lie:
I live because I do not die?

And through this intense emotion the mind is led to this realization:

An image from HubbleI came into the unknown
and stayed there unknowing
rising beyond all science.

I did not know the door
but when I found the way,
unknowing where I was,
I learned enormous things,
but what I felt I cannot say,
for I remained unknowing,
rising beyond all science.

It was the perfect realm
of holiness and peace.
In deepest solitude
I found the narrow way:
a secret giving such release
that I was stunned and stammering,
rising beyond all science.

I was so far inside,
so dazed and far away
my senses were released
from feelings of my own.
My mind had found a surer way:
a knowledge of unknowing,
rising beyond all science.

And he who does arrive
collapses as in sleep,
for all he knew before
now seems a lowly thing,
and so his knowledge grows so deep
that he remains unknowing,
rising beyond all science.

The higher he ascendsSaint John of the Cross
the darker is the wood;
it is the shadowy cloud
that clarified the night,
and so the one who understood
remains always unknowing,
rising beyond all science.

This knowledge by unknowing
is such a soaring force
that scholars argue long
but never leave the ground.
Their knowledge always fails the source:
to understand unknowing,
rising beyond all science.

This knowledge is supreme
crossing a blazing height;
though formal reason tries
it crumbles in the dark,
but one who would control the night
by knowledge of unknowing
will rise beyond all science.

And if you wish to hear:
the highest science leads
to an ecstatic feeling
of the most holy Being;
and from his mercy comes his deed:
to let us stay unknowing,
rising beyond all science.

July 08, 2007

The Nature of Freedom

We human beings seek for freedom. Since we are small children we want to do what we want, but somehow we feel we are not free and as we grow older we feel more and more that we are under Gururaj Ananda at my homehand-cuffs.


But… What is the nature of our personal freedom. Gururaj was asked this question during a gathering organized by the American Meditation Society.


During this satsang Gururaj gives insights and clues that will help you understand the nature of your assumed bondage and the path to find your True Freedom.

Click here to listen to the first part of this source of wisdom for your own growth

Fear of Death



Human beings fear death. It has been always depicted in fearful images. But... Why do we fear death?

In this unique two live recordings you can listen at the answers Carl Jung and Gururaj Ananda gave to this topic. Death is certain to all of us. That we will eventually die is something we all know.

Is there any life after death or any existence beyond our physical bodies?

It is very interesting to listen to these two approaches. One of a scientific mind as Jung's and the other an "actual spiritual approach" to the phenomena of fear of death that gives Gururaj.

Click here to listen


July 07, 2007

The Teachings from Gururaj Ananda Yogi

Teachings about Love, Life and Laughter

From this website we will put you in touch with one of the most outstanding teachings about spirituality available in the web. These teachings from Gururaj Ananda Yogi will help you in your spiritual path, whatever your path is. They are not dogmatic neither they are designed for you to follow any particular path or religion.


The insights of these satsangs that through this website will be featured will help you realize truths within yourself and we hope that this work we are doing from here is useful to your own happiness and realization.


Visit our site in You Tube if you would like to watch some of the videos we have already posted.


Soon we will be upgrading this site with lots of exciting new features. Keep visiting us if you are interested in these teachings.


I leave you now with a little history of these teachings to the Western World. Click here to enjoy