Imagining what what we are not

Be what we are not

They are always trying to imagine themselves in a different position.  In other words, it means that they always try to imagine what they are not at that moment.  A person has a job as a lobbyist in the Senate.  Fine.  Look at the wonderful, interesting people you are meeting, lobbying around with them. How […]

The 20 Times Satsang II

Gururaj in the Garden

Looking yourself honestly in the mirror I have not changed at all, for I come from the land of changelessness and I will reach the land of changelessness. So from the non‑changing we are proceeding to non‑changing. And yet all the things that come up in your minds changing, changing, changing, which are none else […]

The ego is like an egg

The ego is like an egg

The ego is like an egg. You’ve got to break the shell for the chicken to pop out, the chicken of life. Spirituality. Now that spirit is always within. . . when it is ready, it tries to hit up against the shell to break it to come out. It’s a hard time, but if […]

‘Man, know thyself’

Man know thyself

Man, know thyself



Our view is narrow because the conscious mind acts only as a vehicle for the upper strata of the subconscious to flow through it. In other words, the patternings that are there in the upper strata of the subconscious mind is being expressed through the conscious mind.

Thinking useless thoughts


So what is here in the mind? Nothing but confusion. All kinds of varying thoughts conflicting. I have to pick up this glass. Now I have to think, “Shall I pick up this glass or not?” Why must I think, “Shall I pick up this glass?” Pick it up. Do you see? Most of the […]

The reality exists within you

The reality exists within you

So we normally divide things up because separation is part of our nature. We always divide things up. This glass is separate from me. And you are separate from her. Or whatever the case might be, I am separate from that video camera. And because of the sense of separation, you also create the separation […]

I am it all, and nothing is greater than me


The ego started from that fine current at the superconscious level, and as it became more and more gross it became more and more individualized, and that is what we call the human responsibility—that is what we call the human ego. Man does not possess an ego, he is the ego. When we get immersed […]