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This will be the blog but it is not yet technically finished so I cannot display this first blog with Preatam's voice.  But you just need to click on any part in this message and you will be redirected to a web where you can enjoy this first blog finished (with the music and Preatam's words available which are needed to understand it).  You will need headphones or loudspeakers in your PC. If you want to add a commment you will find a link at the end that will redirect you here. I hope you enjoy it. SO... CLICK WITH YOUR MOUSE HERE!!!


Hello beloveds,

This blog must be read within its own rhythm of written word, voice, music and images. Each time a paragraph brings you to a play sign, press play only when the previous one has finished, for example you will not press play after the image bellow until you have finished listening to the music that started to play when you opened this page and you have finished reading the paragraphs before it. Be gentle with technology so that everything adjusts to the speed of connection etc... and I hope you enjoy it. And I also hope it captures your imagination

This morning, while I was looking into old boxes that I kept with things, I opened a little wooden box. Inside there was a little heart that reminded me about these two petals of a white rose that Preatam gave me after an initiation telling me that those petals would last forever. I lifted the heart, a paper heart cut with scissors and written in watercolor. Bellow it there were the two petals.

To my surprise they are still there and they look like they will be there forever because they have become into a sort of stone or mother pearl, I have included bellow a picture I have made to one of them.

Take into consideration that this petal is 22 years old and was kept not between the pages of a book but in a little wooden box with nothing putting pressure into it. Well it has become stone. A sort of white mother pearl solid material.

We are all egoes carrying this body that yearns for a dreamt happiness, or peace, or may be an experience of existence which is full, whole and one... but all these thoughts get in our way and we get stuck many times thinking that may be we don't deserve it. But we have received a very special gift, an Ace... GR

Real or unreal... What is the difference? Obviously if we just look at the piece of material... unreal.

If it becomes a wholeness that exists in this moment within me it gets a little bit nearer to what is Actual... Action. The actions and happenings in which "It" takes the innumerable forms, but we keep putting our attention in all the little problems that seem to be ourselves, afraid perhaps of just letting go. To make true in our experience that promise... The Self in experience. The Big Self. Something which is beyond thought because it is beyond form, but at hand of the experience of even a little dog.


GR... ACE...

A picture of the petal... later in video...

MP3 File

Letting yourself go, contemplating life as is, helping ourselves in different ways, including but not only, with the ways Gururaj used to explain us what this is all about. Surrendering to what Is and being brave enough to let go and trust the essence within which is non other but the "Isness" and wholeness that wells up as experience of Love. Sitting on the sea-shore of experience while we act in actual Love, watching the waves of experience from that It which through the process of identification experiences actuality... unless it becomes our little worries and problems...

And going back to this little form, as you can see it is a kind of mother pearl and at the same time still the white petal, and you can even recognize the the little wrinkles it created as it started to dry, but it has become a kind of mother pearl, it keeps its whiteness, but it has become a solid piece of material. This petal has traveled with me through houses and countries and cities without me even knowing about it. I just realized of its existence this morning, it is now 22 years ago that I kept it in this little box.

May be these miracles had to be realized after all these years. May be when it is not necessary for me to witness any miracle to understand with whom I shared those incredible years from 1980 to 1988. I do not know why this thing happened, but it has happened and I thought I should share it with all of you. Although lately many things happen to me that could be called miracles, and yet are simply the way life Is.

True Reality, the mind cannot grab It because it is formless. It is kind of interpenetrating all form bringing it to Oneness, keeping them together in unity and being "It" yet beyond "it". Conscious of itself and reflected in every form through an identification of It with it

MP3 File

I am staying now in this beautiful place, I have included pictures and a small description of this area in this link, many things are still in spanish but images are universal, I will update it soon properly but I have selected a few images here for you. Click in the picture bellow for more.

You are all welcome to visit any time you may feel to. I am here under a disciplined purification practice, that of course includes meditation, chant, aum vaak vaak practice, action, walking, writing, cleaning and any of you is welcome to join me for a while. It would be very nice to have any one of you coming here. Just drop me an email and I will send you detailed address. You have quite a few cheap flights from Europe and London, and if you come from the US the best combination is London and from London to OVD airport with a cheap airline. I can help you in sourcing cheap tickets. Just drop me an email

OK... so that's that, and as such the days flow by. My mind is in peace, and my heart feels love and I suddenly realize every word of Preatam as some miracle of Truth being manifest. I do not want to stress that we should have faith of any sort, because faith is no longer in, faith is out and the key word now is experience. Experience which is available to every human being. We do not want blind faith, what we want to know is the isness which is The Truth of The Teachings in our experience.

I am as good or bad as any other, Who's the doer in any case... Do you do anything of what you are in reality?

If you think about it, a few days of purification practice might be nice for you, you are very welcome... and I love company.

MP3 File

Don't think that I am all done, this is a process of day by day unfoldment, and many many times I feel completely blocked. And I am happy that it is this way, and I hope it continues being such, a day by day unfoldment, an experience that comes into being without you doing anything, just flowing in the actions that are there for you to perform.

The world needs some common ground of understanding with respect of certain concepts in the process of blending that is going through in this globalizing tendencies. Preatam spoke us about these things that were happening and it's fair that we at least let know other people so that they can think about it. We might also consider if we want to do something about it.

I propose you two things: Come and join me for a while, we might have a nice time and we will for sure go through the method we were taught. The second thing; put together an article for me so that I can publish it in this blog. I will do marketing in the Internet, and in no time (if a few of you send me something every now and then) the Internet will be flooded with GR's words, and it will happen by itself, without us even trying. I will do the internet marketing, you send me your articles...


MP3 File

And yes it is only this thing that can be done. M&SP. So here I have a place for you to come and spend a few days renewing your compromise with yourself. The compromise with your own happiness. I have not been able to buy heating yet, but thanks to God, the climate is strangely warm... I must let know Al Gore...

Anyhow I came here to re-invent myself. To start a house from scratch once again. I do not know what to do exactly. Sometimes, many times... I think about dedicating my time entirely to make these teachings known to the world. Sometimes, many times... as much as the latter, I think that that is presumptuous, because the energy within the teachings will unfold by itself, and sometimes I listen to tapes and while I clean them... I clean myself also...

At the same time if technology is the problem, let us make it our ally to get more people to meditate


MP3 File

I am putting myself through a deep purification practice. While it lasts you are welcome to join me and we can share ourselves in our paths. This house is in the middle of The Way of St James (Camino de Santiago) in this beautiful place that you can visit virtually in this link

I have arrived to this place with such a lot of dirt, that I do not know where to start cleaning. I have not even been able to establish a proper "camp for the clean ones" from which I can start the attack to the forces of accumulated dirt... although I am near to that. It will be a very enjoyable battle when we share it, meanwhile, sometimes I miss you all.

Of course I speak metaphorically. It is a leap into the unknown which gets experienced as you unfold the leap, I do not know very well how to describe this, but at the end of the day for me is just about cleaning the dirt and loving it. Just by acting as the moment dictates, which is God, which is that "Isness" that is actual, The Real I.

These teachings of Gururaj and this wonderful recordings must arrive to much more ears than those that is arriving today and that is why I urge you to send this link to any one you know that might be interested in this proposal. Many people will be happy listening to these teachings. So if you have any meditator or GR disciple, old or new, from your country or from any other part of the world, that you know, please send him the link.

He might be interested in any of the two proposals. On the one side I want to get this blogs with GRs teachings out there and many of you can do great blogs (satlogs). Send them to me in any way. Handwritten, in an html file, with a tape or a CD or an mp3 file.... in paintings... by post by mail by messenger... send them to me and I will put them in the web. I will be suggesting topics, but you can choose any topic. And include passages so that I can put GRs voice in the net. It's energy will have a great effect.

Also come and join me for a few days of 100% GRs teachings focalization here to my house. If you have the time to share it with me. I will be delighted to be your host and will help me as I am sure will help you.

MP3 File

I remember that when I arrived to the States, in the amschat forum, a big thing was going on about the transcripts and about discussing satsangs through the web as a matter of deepening within the teachings. I propose all of you to support this blog I have started in these two ways:

First send me your articles (blogs, satlogs, satsangs... we must give them a name... virtsangs... democratic as the web is... he he..) your whatever you wanna call them... but they have to be satsangs... in the company of truth... Your from the bottom of the heart truth.

Choose a tape and make a blog about your realizations about the teachings, about your understanding, about how they integrate many other teachings out there, about anything you want about the teachings, and send me the tape, the article, the paragraphs of the tape you want me to use, the pictures you want me to include and where. I will put it together and publish it in this weblog.

Do it for the public in general. Don't think about other meditators as I am doing now. Think about people out there that might like to listen these teachings and may be learn to meditate. That's the purpose of this simple job.

Second, encourage the people you know and with whom you inter-relate to visit the blog and send the link to other people, send the link to this blog to all your mailing list (once it is up and running with good articles). I will in turn do internet marketing to make it known and visited by many, let's us use this media to very faithfully portray and transmit what are the Oral Teachings of Gururaj Ananda Yogi.

In today's world faith has to loose strength in favour of experience and The antropomorfic God has to give way to Isness.

I miss the United States and I am looking forward to be able to return some time in the future, I have a warm feeling building inside that asks me to communicate about these Teachings. I experience it as a requirement of the times to share this experience with the other. Sometimes I create the mirage of some company, sometimes the mirage of being able to make them known to the people in general. At the end of the day is just another job, just that.

MP3 File

Action. Reality is about Actuality. About Action, so please any one of you that has been given some time to dedicate to the teachings and that would like to help me putting articles together that I can publish in this blog. Please do it, send them to me, let us make these teachings known.

This Blog is open to any person that wants to comment. You can add any comment, they will not be moderated or filtered and can create a link between all of us that follow it through the comments that will be flowing. The main Blog about the teachings of Gururaj will be located in an easy to remember website address www.gururajananda.com.

In other words this is a way to put forth the teachings of Preatam and to present them to the public in general.. There are many topics that will be discussed in the few tape excerpts above some of the main teachings of GR are portrayed and also some of his practical approaches to the different situations of life. You can blend and compare with what others are saying. Everything is welcome, the only condition is that it has to include GRs excerpts in voice format. Voice is very important

MP3 File

And here I would like to introduce the concept of Action, Karma Yoga. I think we have evolved a lot our Gnana Yoga, and the readings, the many hours of thinking about of What is the truth, the practices of variety of self help disciplines have given us all a lot of growth and understanding, but somehow we could perform a little bit of Karma Yoga dedicating some of our time to let Grs voice be heard by others out there. Choosing the tape and speaking from our hearts of that tape, choosing a few paragraphs and sharing it. Is a way also to let this voice expand through the net.

What Is is resolved through action moment by moment in the limited experience of what has form. It is in the moment that we resolve what Is in the experience of the limited everyday action of life, day by day, unfolding itself, flowering as one would say, and nice enough, good enough, thereby the mind contemplates what is troubling the heart.

Through this media I will portray this process of my life in which I would like to do just this job the best I can. It is being difficult I tell you. Many times I take the newspaper and look for jobs, selling or doing something, anything. Then I sit down and think, or may be the music that plays random brings the voice of Guruji and says...

MP3 File

Realizing these teachings, making them true in my own experience, that is the only purpose of my life, that is the only thing I feel comfortable doing.

The first month I arrived here was a very sweet month, I was alone, I met many nice girls that gave me a little bit of those nice pleasures of life, I met the people that live in this valley... but soon the reality of what I came to do here started to dawn and things became difficult. Not because it is difficult, the difficult thing is adjusting to this extreme simplicity, because it is so simple in reality and I am very grateful to whatever, call it Grace, for this opportunity, but who is grateful, nobody is grateful, that's the thing, the simplicity there is only one consciousness, and being Raman at the same time gets complicated because Raman is a complicated entity, while what is, is so simple in its happening.

The mind becomes more powerful through meditational practices because the mind expands and a person develops a greater awareness. The small percentage of mind that we are using becomes vaster, until the entire universe can be conceived, can be perceived, and can also be received in the heart. Through the expansion of the mind, the heart too unfolds, and when the mind and the heart function together, life becomes joyful and we experience the Living Gog- not the abstract thing called God.

G-O-D Spell it the other way around: D-O-G. If you can see the God in the dog, then you have achieved something. It does not remain the same dog to you anymore, for the dog too, is divine

And therfore soon enough came this little dog to say hello, he appeared in the trash can at home, he was just born, and I have made a little video of how he has developed into a big puppy little by little

Gururaj's teachings are so beautiful. And they speak about a simple job for me, and it becomes so difficult, because it is so simple. And sometimes I even get afraid and then I get aggressive, most of the times I just get simply blocked.

The dog has frowned and grown also, and as Roopa said... The Guru is thereby teaching me simple things...

MP3 File

Now, this world needs to learn about the teachings of Preatam, at the same time I am realizing now who Preatam was, and I am experiencing what he taught, and many times I get afraid. Particularly when God speaks to me in words of hate, that I receive a lot here, I must have been a very bad person... seriously.... thanks to God, I can see I do nothing in reality, just a bunch of shitrons moving that we are...

Anyhow, the world needs to know about these things, I am starting with this blog, Gururajananda.com, I look forward to your contributions and comments and with your help to expand the blog in the Internet, in this way we can expand his voice in a very efficient way... let the rest to him...

I leave you with this personal message from me to all of you


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Just tryeing

Dear Raman,

Thanks for the link to your blog. It is very exciting.


Thanks very much Bonnie. I hope that other meditators contribute with their articles. I am working on the next one that will be published in the next week or so. I hope you keep visiting the page for the new entries

My dearest brother Raman,

Thank you for this beautiful blog....thank you for bringing me back to what is satyam...I will come and visit you in Spain, most likely in the spring....I will help with this work however I can...this is all that matters in this life....and it's so so easy to get caught, or blocked as you put it, in the net of samskara and this ego bound life....and forget why we're here...this is it...
Thanks for the reminder-hope to see you at Thanksgiving....
namaste and love, Kelly

I am really excited. Keep up the great work. Good resources here.

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