Gururaj Ananda Yogi

gururaj_flor.jpggururaj_florGururaj was born and raised Parsotam Narshi Bhana in India. He lived most of his life beyond age 20 in Cape Town, South Africa. From age 44 until his demise, which he predicted, at age 56, he devoted himself to teaching groups of people, amounting to tens of thousands of students, the art of personalised meditation and life transforming yogas. His teaching continues in abundance through various channels in approximately 12 countries, thus far. The vast teaching contained in thousands of pages of transcribed talks and various recordings has continued, after Gururaj’s passing, because of the devotion of many of his chelas (close followers).

During 12 years of non-stopping tours he answered to thousands of questions of people from all walks of life. These satsangs and other private gatherings between him and his disciples were duly recorded and around 3,000 hours of superb teachings capable to bring you insight, comfort and understanding in your spiritual path are being made available worldwide.

Just browse this website and let that your attention clics where the title meets your eye. It will bring answers to your yearning heart and bring light to your mind. The posts that are shown each time in the home page are selected as if it were cards. The posts shown are the posts for you.

King Akbar


There’s a little story, I don’t know if I told it here in England, that King Akbar, the great ruler in India, wanted to find the happiest man on earth.

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The dual aspect


So start from the dual aspect and this starting comes not by mental analysis that ‘I accept this’.

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We act in this world just as waves


But how could that mind ever comprehend, how could the wave ever comprehend the vastness of the ocean by analytical means, by the head? No. It is to be realised by the heart, the core of the personality and then the wave will know the value of the ocean.

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Avoid conflicts


So in order, in order to avoid conflicts in life, one starts off by surrendering the freewill, not at the time when you are in need but at the time when you are not in need.

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What is the purpose of having this freewill?


Now what is the purpose of having this freewill? What is the purpose? The purpose of having the freewill is so that you do not become fatalistic. Many a country has been ruined because of this fatalistic attitude that “Oh well, He’s the doer and whatever happens, happens.” That is not so.

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To reach from here to some other place in England, the freewill will tell you, you take a motor car or a horse or whatever you want to use. Your freewill will analyse what you have to do. But the general plan is to reach from A to destination B and that is the Divine, the Divine will that says that you have to reach from point A to point B, how you do it, is your business.That is where freewill comes in.

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Business man


A business man loses a thousand pounds today, so what happens to him, he becomes very depressed and in that depressed state, his mind will not function properly and tomorrow that will make him lose more. But if he accepts the fact that “Look, I have made a wrong deal and I have lost a thousand pounds. So what!” – it will bring a certain tranquillity in his mind whereby he will be able to think straight and correct the mistake that he has made and make up for his losses.

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The polarities


Now when man realises that all is one and in the relative field everything must have its opposite. Pain must have pleasure and the other way round. Sunshine will bring rain. Cold will have its opposite in heat. And when a person resolves this and truly understands the law of opposites

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