Gururaj Ananda Yogi

gururaj_flor.jpggururaj_florGururaj was born and raised Parsotam Narshi Bhana in India. He lived most of his life beyond age 20 in Cape Town, South Africa. From age 44 until his demise, which he predicted, at age 56, he devoted himself to teaching groups of people, amounting to tens of thousands of students, the art of personalised meditation, mindfulness and life transforming yogas. His teaching continues in abundance through various channels in approximately 12 countries, thus far. The vast teaching contained in thousands of pages of transcribed talks and various recordings has continued, after Gururaj’s passing, because of the devotion of many of his chelas (close followers).

During 12 years of non-stopping tours he answered to thousands of questions of people from all walks of life. These satsangs and other private gatherings between him and his disciples were duly recorded and around 3,000 hours of superb teachings capable to bring you insight, comfort and understanding in your spiritual path are being made available worldwide.

Just browse this website and let that your attention clics where the title meets your eye. It will bring answers to your yearning heart and bring light to your mind. The posts that are shown each time in the home page are selected as if it were cards. The posts shown are the posts for you.

Poetry ” Find the lighted star”


From heights, hazy in the cloudy night
I try to fathom and find the lighted star.

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Poetry “I walk slowly”


As love’s fruit is maturing. And each step I take, I am closer to the budding.

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Poetry “To my bowels “

Gururaj Ananda

The throbbing throes of a heart beating twice
What is this that enfolds me in gloom

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Poetry “Fly” & ” help me free myself”


Wingéd birds of time fly on,
Fly to the rising sun and turning back at dusk:

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Poetry “What can I say”

audrey niffeneger(24)

Soul flows in so many words … yet speaks without sound.

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Poetry “Just but a moment…?”


A soul unfolds in many ways
To give your beloved in timeless days

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Poetry “Let my love be measured”


Love then, yourself to lose, I say again and again

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Poetry “Perfection”

audrey niffeneger(4)

At this moment into timelessness, spacelessness, perfection;

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